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Great Maps That Help Tell your Story

Since 1992, cartographer Ben Pease has been making custom maps for a variety of uses. Most of our work is for print and websites. Projects have included big sets of maps for trail and travel guidebooks, individual maps that help authors tell their stories; land conservation projects; and maps for park brochures and displays. We regularly help authors adapt their rough maps and graphs to their publisher's graphic guidelines. 
Though we are based in San Francisco, we've mapped a wide range of places, and we can map nearly any place you need.
We mostly draw in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We find creative ways to show complex ideas in grayscale and we are pretty good at thinking in color. Although we don't create GIS art ourselves, we can incorporate your GIS data into our maps. Final art is typically AI, PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPEG format.

Getting Started

Email or call us about your project, and we can put together an estimate. A list of places or your marked-up source maps (AKA map scrap) is helpful when estimating, and essential when getting started. Also tell us what you know about your finished piece – is it part of a book or brochure, or a free-standing handout or PDF? What's the text block or picture box dimensions (more important than the book size)? Color or grayscale? Does your publisher have graphic design guidelines?

And of course, when do you need to submit everything? Generally speaking, a small project can range from just a few hour's work spread over a couple days, or several day's work spread over a couple weeks. Big guidebook-sized projects can take a few weeks. Of course there will be edits and revisions down the road.

When we aren't juggling three guidebooks, we can often fit a small project into our workflow with relative ease. Sometimes a small project is a nice change of pace amidst the guidebooks.

Long lead times are good (much appreciated) but we have met more than a few urgent deadlines.

Call or email us with your questions. Thanks for your interest!

Our clients include:

Guidebook Publishers

• The Mountaineers Books

• Wilderness Press

• Avalon Travel Publishing (Moon/Foghorn)


Acdemic Publishers

• University of Washington Press
• University of California Press
• University of Oklahoma Press


• Bay Nature Magazine
• Land & People Magazine (TPL)

Public and Non-Profit Clients

• Marin County Open Space District
• California State Parks
* San Mateo County Parks
• Golden Gate National Recreation Area
• San Francisco Bay Trail
• Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
• SF Baykeeper
• San Francisco (authorized vendor)
• The Trust for Public Land

• San Carlos, CA parks department

Adah Bakalinsky–Stairway Walks in SF
Rebecca Solnit
–Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas
–Unfathomble City: A New Orleans Atlas


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