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Big Basin+Castle Rock (RHP)

Big Basin+Castle Rock (RHP)

The north side of this map continues down the Santa Cruz Mountain skyline, from Long Ridge and Saratoga Gap Preserves east to Castle Rock State Park and Sanborn County Park, ending at Lexington Reservoir. The 2017 edition shows MROSD's new Bear Creek Redwoods off Hwy 17 but slightly predates the new public trails there.  This side also continues south down Hwy 9 along the Skyline to the Sea Trail to the core area of Big Basin Redwoods State Park.


The south half of the map shows all of Big Basin Redwoods, along with Butano and Año Nuevo State Parks. Unfortunately the 2020 CZU fire scorched almost all of this area (in varying degrees of severity).  The 2017 edition is still useful to keep track of what is currently closed, and which facilities reopen in years to come. (Inquire locally and check the website when planning trips here).


    Double-sided, waterproof plastic.
    26 x 39 inches, folds to 4.4 x 9 inches.
    1:25,000 scale (2.6 inches = 1 mile).
    Published by Redwood Hikes Press

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