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Crosstown Trail (2024)
  • Crosstown Trail (2024)

    A handy 11x17 color map of the 18-mile SF Crosstown Trail, including the 5th anniversary extensions added in June 2024. A half-page insert shows the Double Cross Trail (adopted 2024).  The Crosstown Trail (shown in blue) runs from  Candlestick State Recreation Area through McLaren Park, Glen Canyon Park, Laguna Honda Hospital and Forest Hill Station, then Grandview Park, Golden Gate Park, Lobos Creek Trail and Lands End.  The 15-mile Double Cross Trail runs from Fort Funston through Stern Grove, over Twin Peaks, then zigzags through various neighborhoods to Pier 23.  MAps include BART stations, MUNI light rail and bus routes, nearby parks, neighborhoods and restrooms. Yellow stripes indicate shopping streets. 


    These maps match the free, downloadable trail maps at, and the "paper maps" on the OuterSpatial app. Cue sheet directions are not included but you can also get them at

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