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Portola Redwoods+Pescadero Creek

Portola Redwoods+Pescadero Creek

This small but mighty 2017 map shows Portola Redwoods State Park, along with Pescadero Creek, Sam McDonald, and Memorial County Parks (sometimes referred to as the Pescadero Creek Complex).


The reverse side includes 2X detail maps of the core areas of Portola, Sam McDonald and Memorial Parks at 1:12.500 scale); and a strip map of San Gregorio, Pomponio, and Pescadero Beaches.


(As of mid-2021, Memorial, Sam McDonald are open to recreation again,  but much of Pescadero Creek Park remains closed due to the 2020 CZU fire (Old Haul Road was a major fire break and access route for firefighters). Restoration continues...)


    Double-sided, waterproof plastic.
    27 x 18 inches, folds to 4.4 x 9 inches.
    1:25,000 scale (2.6 inches = 1 mile) with 3 1:12,500 detail maps.
    Published by Redwood Hikes Press.

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